Hi!  My name is Karen and I’m a firm believer in, supporter and promoter of PLAY for young children.  My background is in early childhood education and I’m a Toy Curator for Rent The Toy Chest.  At Rent The Toy Chest we offer the unique service of allowing parents and grandparents the opportunity to rent our products. Only toys where children are active participants in the play are included in the toy chest;  our toys spark the imagination, foster creativity and encourage social engagement.   Renting toys from Rent The Toy Chest also contributes to literacy in our community, thanks to our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the books we are able to donate to the children in their care.  We’re looking forward to sharing our website!  PRIZE:Our raffle item is a Rent the Toy Chest gift card (value $25).  For more info, see our site: https://rentthetoychest.com/