Raffle Item: Rent The Toy Chest

Win a $25 Rent the ToyChest gift card!

Rent the ToyChest Gift Cards are the perfect gift for all kinds of situations and occasions!

●Grandparents can especially make use of Gift Cards for those times when grandkids come to visit…no need to have armloads of toys coming along with them–or shipped out–plus think about the wonderful surprise they’ll have! Playing together with grandma and grandpa is wonderful way to create treasured memories.

●Foster parents care about the welfare of children. They can open their homes to a child in need on short notice. A Gift Card can be a huge help to providing the overall care for young children. Play is joyful and fun, but it also allows children a way to express and release stress and tension.

●Do you have a new family to your neighborhood? A Gift Card makes a wonderful ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ gift! Moving is stressful enough, play dates are a great ice-breaker to making new friends.

●If you don’t want the holiday spirit to end with the New Year–and who does? Print out a Gift Card! They always make a good stocking stuffer!
Giving a Gift Card is easy and receiving one is greatly appreciated…a win-win!
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