Hi, my name is August and I’m very proud to bring these creative fort building kits to your kids. Fort Boards was created to foster the same sense of adventure and imagination that I got while building and playing in forts in rural Oregon as a kid. Our small team now operates out of Seattle and even though we’ve only been selling this unique building toy for just one year, it’s already received seven awards including the grand prize in Microsoft’s Small Business Competition, and a Parents’ Choice Award. For kids, Fort Boards is simply an endless source of open ended building fun. For parents, Fort Boards is something that helps develop imagination, creativity and spatial reasoning skills in their children. Indoors our Outdoors, Fort Boards can be used year-round, and packs down small for compact storage when not in use. With Fort Boards, kids can finally build as big as their imagination.

PRIZE:Our raffle prize is a Starter Pack (valued at $65)!  The winner can pick the color: yellow, light blue or gray.  For more info, see our site:  http://www.fortboards.com/