Laarni & Tita

Hi, I’m Laarni!  I’ve always been curious about how things are made, and this lead me to designing and sewing bags for myself, my daughter and friends.  Soon it became clear that the desire for durable bags made from colorful and cute patterns was not limited to family and friends.  I began selling my unique styles of hobo and messenger bags, totes, mini purses, make-up bags, clutches, wristlets, I-pad cases and passport covers at the marketplace.  I personally make everything by hand, putting careful though into every detail, such as, where to cut on the print, down to the final stitch.  PRIZE:A medium sized wristlet purse ($24 value).  For more info, see our site:

Seattle Sundries

My name is Anne and I founded Seattle Sundries in the spring of 2005.  I am a proud Northwest native, who loves creating quality products that are great for your skin. Our products include all-natural bath and body soaps, solid lotion bars, lip balms and shaving products.  Our shop is located in the Ballard neighborhood and many of our items have a distinctly Seattle personality.  I I like to create artwork and scent blends that connect with our unique place in the world.  Our raffle item is a gift set of our popular Smooch Stick lip balms, all made with natural ingredients and fun flavors.  RAFFLE PRIZE:A gift set of our popular Smooch Sticks lip balm, all made with natural ingredients and fun flavors ($16 value).  For more info, see our site:

MOSS Handmade

Hello! My name is Diana Schreiber and I am the designer behind MOSS Handmade. MOSS Handmade is a jewelry collection that is inspired by contrasting textures and bright pops of color. It is a marriage of hard and soft elements. I use the crochet to add textile elements to traditional jewelry materials like metal, glass, wood and stones. All the thread that I use are hand dyed in small batches and assemble the final pieces by hand at the studio. I’ve been crocheting since I was 7 years old and designing jewelry for about 8 years now. I get my inspiration from textiles, ethnic jewelry and nature.  Raffle Prize: “Dawn” Ladder Necklace. It features a geometric pendant with a woven stripe design and a 30” beaded chain. It retails for $50.  For more info, see our site:

Chart à la Carte

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m the designer and founder of Chart à la Carte, the company that offers creative, customizable tools for life organization.  Our most popular invention is a pin board that is also magnetic, has customizable fabric, a storage compartment, and can easily transform into a chalkboard or whiteboard.  Our products have been called “genius” due to their versatility, and we recently completed a Kickstarter in which we tripled our goal.  Production is underway, and pre-sales are available on our website.  We have also designed gift cards and special edition sets of snowflake magnets (will ship in December) if you’re looking for a gift that family and friends can un-wrap!   Prize: a $25 Chart à la Carte gift card and a set of wooden snowflake magnets.  For more info, see our site:

Uphill Designs

Hi, my name is Dan, and our company is Uphill Designs.  At Uphill Designs, we believe that the gear we use in nature is a reflection of our attitudes towards it. Our gear is uncompromising in quality, durability, and functionality, while utilizing the best materials nature has to offer. Our team handcrafts every piece of gear in our Seattle workshop since September of 2014. Each piece is influenced by the wilderness and designed to help protect it. We are committed to connecting people with the outdoors through product, community, and education.  For more info, see our site:

CLUES: To Keep and Carry


Hi, I’m Laarni!  I’ve always been curious about how things are made, and this lead me to designing and ______  _______ for myself, my daughter and friends.  Soon it became clear that the desire for durable ________ made from colorful and cute patterns was not limited to family and friends.  I began selling my unique styles of _______, _______ and __________ 9 years ago at the marketplace, and I named the business after my daughter and I (I have one daughter and 4 boys).  I personally make everything by hand, putting careful though into every detail, such as, where to cut on the _______t, down to the final ______.


A medium sized __________ ($24 value)

CLUES: For Those Who Eat, Drink and Make Merry


Hi, I’m Erin, a local, independent consultant for  __________’s acclaimed _______,  ________ and gifts, with a brand that integrates giving back into every ______  _______ we sell. Through the sales of our ______ and products we’ve donated 1,041,752 meals so far, and we hope you’ll join us in making an impact. We’ve made social responsibility as easy as drinking _____ or gifting a fabulous present by giving back 50% of our profits of every bottle to our cause partners!  With the holidays season here, you will want to be sure to stock up on _______ to gift your neighbors, family, friends, teachers, hostesses and some of our lovely reserves for your own holiday dinners. Our Black Friday sale runs through with 40% off your purchase of 3+ _________ and free shipping with 6 or more ______.


A 1lb bag of our Good Karma blend _______ ($23 value)

CLUES: For Those Who Think & Write


Hi, my name is Andrea and my business is ____________.  I learned my craft as a ____________ in Zurich, Switzerland, where I grew up.  After a traditional 4-year apprenticeship I established my own atelier in Zurich for 14 years, crafting and teaching my craft.  I ______   _______ entirely by hand, in both traditional and contemporary styles, using techniques that have changed little over hundreds of years. Hand ________ is a labor-intensive craft, requiring much skill and patience.  I also make modern-styled _____.  For the past 20 years I have lived and worked in Seattle, Washington.


A leather ______  ______  ______ (value $27).

CLUES: For the Love of Leather


Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m the artist behind ___________.  For over a decade I’ve been creating artfully distinguished __________ goods by hand in my Seattle studio.  Each piece that I make starts as a hide of vegetable tanned tooling __________ that I cut, brand (I free-hand draw each design using a 1200 degree pen), paint and dye by hand. Of course, each piece is also hand stitched for top-notch ________.  I started my business because I believe that we all deserve _________ goods that will last for a lifetime of use, and whose longevity is only matched by their beauty.  I’m proud to say that each __________ piece lives up to this standard.


A _________ gift card of $25 value.

CLUES: For Your Gluten-Free Friends


Hi!  My name is Tamar, my business is _____ and I founded it in 2014.  I make gluten-free _______.  My business includes 4 types of _________ that are all _______.  High quality ingredients, no _______, and handmade locally.  It is all started when I discovered I have a gluten intolerance but I couldn’t find any fresh _________ gluten-free ________.  I decided to make my own! You can find my products online or in _________ markets.


A box of chocolate ________ and a box of coconut _________ (value $24).

Here’s a List of our Raffle Prizes!

Uphill Designs: An ultra-comfortable camp beanie to keep you warm in the upcoming winter months.

Laarni & Tita: A medium sized wristlet purse ($24 value).

Fort Boards: A starter pack in yellow, light blue or gray ($65 value).

Moss Handmade: A “Dawn” Ladder Necklace featuring a geometric pendant with woven stripe design and 30” beaded chain ($50 value).

Flourless Goodies: A box of chocolate truffles and a box of coconut balls ($24 value).

Seattle Sundries: A gift set of our popular Smooch Stick lip balms, all made with natural ingredients and fun flavors ($16 value).

Chart à la Carte: A $25 Chart à la Carte gift card and a set of 3 wooden snowflake magnets ($37 value)

Moxie & Oliver: A Moxie & Oliver gift card ($25 value).

Colorful Cities: A Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color book ($15 value)

Herb’n Farm NW: A set of 3 jars of herbal rub flavorings, including Basil Curry, Herb n’ Jerk, and Sweet & Spicy ($25 value)

Girl Meets Dirt: We’re raffling our Holiday Reserve Box: an extra special sampler featuring our limited edition small-batch reserve collection, your box will include 3 unique and delicious favorites ($45 value).

12 Scents: “Game Day” scented candle ($24 value).

One Hope: A 1lb bag of our Good Karma blend coffee ($23 value)

Nico Paper Goods: A leather pendent book necklace ($27 value).

Rent The Toy Chest: A Rent the Toy Chest gift card (value $25).