Hello Friends & Things is sponsored by Chart à la Carte, a local company that designs uniquely versatile tools for life organization.

Inspired by a statistic she’d heard about domestic labor distribution, founder Sarah Barnard left her 10 year career in social work to create boards and accessories designed for easy  communication and team-building.  Her idea began with a bulletin board that was also magnetic, a detachable frame for easy style changes and dry-erase magnets.  Her boards evolved to feature front and back storage, magnetic pegs, a reversible chalkboard + whiteboard panel & erasable display magnets for organizational charts & lists printed from the website.

Chart à la Carte’s products were introduced to the world via Kickstarter in August 2016 and were met with great enthusiasm from a largely female fan base.  “I’m so excited for our supporters to get our boards in their own hands and to build our online community as a place for everyone to share their own creative ideas, photos & tips about what they’re doing with their Chart à la Carte boards and accessories!” — Sarah Barnard

Pre-sale orders are recommended through the website as a way to reserve your boards and accessories from the earliest shipment due in spring.  Holiday gift cards are available to purchase now, and will ship Dec. 14th!

Sarah was born & raised in Seattle & currently calls Greenlake home.

Proudly sponsored by: Chart à la Carte

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