CLUES: For the Hawks Fans


Hi, I’m Lara and my business is __________,  an independent ____________ line, custom designed to enhance the game day ritual and Hawk pride for Seattle football fans throughout the week.   Back in February 2015, I was going about my own game day ritual, and noticed something was missing. After suiting up in my #24 jersey and cherished hat (covered with autographs from every starter of the 2013 Champion team), I realized that I did not have a special _________ to ceremoniously _______as my final good luck gesture before heading out to watch the game.  And, since, in my online search, a Hawk-themed option did not exist, I founded _______ on the following day.


“Game Day” scented _________.  Retail value $24.

CLUES: For Those Who Have Skin


My name is Anne and I founded ___________ in the spring of 2005.  I am a proud Northwest native, who loves creating quality products that are great for your _______. Seattle Sundries makes all-natural ___________ and _________.  Our retail shop is located in the Ballard neighborhood and many of our items have a distinctly Seattle personality.  I like to create artwork and ______ blends that connect with our unique place in the world.


A gift set of our popular ___________, all made with natural ingredients and fun flavors ($16 value).

CLUES: For the Trendy Lady in your Life

Hello! My name is Diana and I am the designer behind _________, a __________ collection that is inspired by contrasting textures and bright pops of color. It is a marriage of hard and soft elements. I use the _______ to add textile elements to traditional jewelry materials like metal, glass, wood and stones. All the ________ that I use are hand dyed in small batches and assemble the final pieces by hand at the studio. I’ve been _________ since I was 7 years old and designing _______ for about 8 years now. I get my inspiration from textiles, ethnic ______ and nature.


A beautiful “Dawn” Ladder ________.  It features a geometric ______ with a woven stripe design and a 30” _______ (value $50).

CLUES: For the Creative City Dwellers who Like to Explore


Hi, my name is Laura, and my company is __________, a local Seattle business that has been exploring the world and recklessly ________ since 2012. We began with our first book, ____________ Seattle – Explore &  _______, then went on to explore and publish _________Tokyo – Explore &  ______ in 2015 and __________ Portland – Explore &  _________ earlier this year.  Each of our __________ books begin with a city map and index, followed by whimsical __________ of famous locations and hidden gems throughout the cities. We’re proud that our books are 100% created, illustrated and printed in the US. Earlier this year _____ Tokyo _______ won a Bronze medal in the ________ category from the Independent Publishers Association.



_________Seattle – Explore & _______ – Follow the Seattle map to local favorites such as the Space Needle, Woodland Park Zoo and the Central Library. Explore Oxbow Park’s ‘Hat n’ Boots’ or the giant typewriter eraser at the Olympic Sculpture Park which are just two of the many hidden gems of the city. And don’t forget to ________ along the way! ($15 value)

CLUES: For Those Who Love Toast

Hi, my name is Audra and my company is __________, which specializes in single-varietal ______ made from local heritage San Juan Islands ________.  Just shy of 10 years in Manhattan, I walked away from a Wall Street career with a new husband and two dogs to head West – and landed on 5 acres on Orcas Island. After two seasons of ____________ and many lessons from the land, I launched __________ in November 2013. The work we do is a celebration of Orcas islands’ bounty, for us it’s all about the ______. In our island kitchen __________  _______ come to life inside gorgeous copper pots using traditional French confection techniques and lots of love. Through our process we are preserving a century old tradition of ___________ keeping in the San Juan Islands and creating a product full of integrity and whisps of the archipelago from where it came.
Our Holiday Reserve Box: an extra special sampler featuring our limited edition small-batch reserve collection, your box will include 3 unique and delicious favorites ($45 value).

CLUES: Home Grown Flavorings


Hi, My name is Ras and my business,  ___________, grows __________ and _________ on a state licensed urban farm in Seattle.   Our _______ are incorporated into a variety of ______.  Growing up, my mom worked as a craftsperson at the Pike Place Market and eventually became Market Master and Farm Program Manager.  My father was a fourth generation farmer in Jamaica. In 2010, after a trip to Jamaica, I began growing _____ on an urban farm while developing recipes with my friends and family.  _______ was founded in 2012, and you can find my products online or at the Pike Place Market.


A set of 3 jars of ______________, including __________, ___________ and Sweet & Spicy
($25 value)

CLUES: For Those Who Like Adventure

Hi, my name is Dan, and my company is ________.  We offer rustic, handcrafted _____ and ______  goods for the modern adventurer.  At ________ we believe that the _______  we use in nature is a reflection of our attitudes towards it. Our _______ is uncompromising in quality, durability, and functionality, while utilizing the best materials nature has to offer. Our team handcrafts every piece of _______ in our Seattle workshop since September of 2014. Each piece is influenced by the wilderness and designed to help protect it. We are committed to connecting people with the outdoors through product, community, and education.
We are raffling off one of our ultra-comfortable camp ______ to keep you warm in the upcoming winter months ($15 value).

CLUES: A New Option For Those Who Play


Hi!  My name is Karen and I’m a firm believer in, supporter and promoter of PLAY for young children.  My background is in early childhood education and I’m a Toy Curator for ______ the ________.  At _________ the _____________ we offer the unique service of allowing parents and grandparents the opportunity to _______ our products. Only toys where children are active participants in the play are included in the _______;  our toys spark the imagination, foster creativity and encourage social engagement.   ___________ toys from _______ the ______ also contributes to literacy in our community, thanks to our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the books we are able to donate to the children in their care.  We’re looking forward to sharing our website!


Our raffle item is a _____ the ____  gift card (value $25).


CLUES: For The Builders And The Shakers


Hi, my name is ________ and I’m very proud to bring our ___________ kits to your kids. ____________ was created to foster the same sense of adventure and imagination that I got while _________ and playing in ________ in rural Oregon as a kid. Our small team now operates out of Seattle and even though we’ve only been selling this unique _______ toy for just one year, it’s already received seven awards including the grand prize in Microsoft’s Small Business Competition, and a Parents’ Choice Award. For kids, _______ is simply an endless source of open ended building fun. For parents, __________ is something that helps develop imagination, creativity and spatial reasoning skills in their children. Indoors our Outdoors, __________ can be used year-round, and packs down small for compact storage when not in use. With _________, kids can finally _______ as big as their imagination.



Our raffle prize is a Starter Pack (valued at $65)!  The winner can pick the color: yellow, light blue or gray.

Here’s a List of our Raffle Prizes!

Uphill Designs: An ultra-comfortable camp beanie to keep you warm in the upcoming winter months.

Laarni & Tita: A medium sized wristlet purse ($24 value).

Fort Boards: A starter pack in yellow, light blue or gray ($65 value).

Moss Handmade: A “Dawn” Ladder Necklace featuring a geometric pendant with woven stripe design and 30” beaded chain ($50 value).

Flourless Goodies: A box of chocolate truffles and a box of coconut balls ($24 value).

Seattle Sundries: A gift set of our popular Smooch Stick lip balms, all made with natural ingredients and fun flavors ($16 value).

Chart à la Carte: A $25 Chart à la Carte gift card and a set of 3 wooden snowflake magnets ($37 value)

Moxie & Oliver: A Moxie & Oliver gift card ($25 value).

Colorful Cities: A Colorful Seattle – Explore & Color book ($15 value)

Herb’n Farm NW: A set of 3 jars of herbal rub flavorings, including Basil Curry, Herb n’ Jerk, and Sweet & Spicy ($25 value)

Girl Meets Dirt: We’re raffling our Holiday Reserve Box: an extra special sampler featuring our limited edition small-batch reserve collection, your box will include 3 unique and delicious favorites ($45 value).

12 Scents: “Game Day” scented candle ($24 value).

One Hope: A 1lb bag of our Good Karma blend coffee ($23 value)

Nico Paper Goods: A leather pendent book necklace ($27 value).

Rent The Toy Chest: A Rent the Toy Chest gift card (value $25).