Hi, I’m Lara and my business is 12 Scents, an independent fragrance line, custom designed to enhance the game day ritual and Hawk pride for Seattle football fans throughout the week.   Back in February 2015, I was going about my own game day ritual, and noticed something was missing. After suiting up in my #24 jersey and cherished hat (covered with autographs from every starter of the 2013 Champion team), I realized that I did not have a special perfume to ceremoniously spritz as my final good luck gesture before heading out to watch the game.  And, since, in my online search, a Hawk-themed option did not exist, I founded 12 Scents on the following day.  PRIZE: “Game Day” scented candle.  Retail value $24.  For more info, see our site: http://12scents.com/